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After many years in the FX industry, I've seen too many people throw money away!

The international money transfer industry is a confusing place. Foreign Transfer providers often hide their fees and rates to make it difficult to know how much you’re actually paying. And don’t get me started on the Big Banks! They’ve been charging way too much for a long long time! 

CompareMy FX was made to help educate people and businesses on the different FX providers in the market, and how to choose the best one for your circumstances. 

How To Choose The Best FX Provider

There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing the best International Money Transfer provider for you. Don’t just look at promotions or fancy marketing material. Doing your research first can save you a lot in the long run. Here are some things to consider

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate that providers offer is often different from the prevailing market rate. Make sure you know what rate you’re paying


Fees can be included at the receiving or paying end. Some providers won’t charge a fee but will include a margin in their exchange rate.

supported currencies and countries

Some providers only support the major currency pairs or countries. Make sure you ask before going through the effort of signing up.


There are plenty on dodgy providers out there. At CompareMy FX we only show companies regulated by the major regulatory bodies such as The FCA, ASIC, FinCEN. 

Transfer Times

Sometimes you need money sent fast! Some providers offer instant transfers on certain currencies, whereas others may take a few days or longer.

Receiving accounts and cards

Receiving Accounts and Cards are a fairly new addition to the FX landscape. But all are certainly not created equal. Read more here.

option and structured products

Futures, Forwards, Options. Do you need them? Probably not, most of the time. Businesses or individuals looking to lock in a future exchange rate mind find them useful though. Read more about Forwards and Options Here.


There’s been a recent push towards automation and Online Only, but sometimes you want to talk to a real person. Choose wisely, as some providers aren’t interested in a chat. 

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